MTL Challenge and Chinese Cultural Festival


MTL Challenge and Chinese Cultural Festival

Montreal, Parc Jean Drapeau

The Montreal Challenge is one of the most notorious dragon-boat event in North America with more than 150 teams coming from the Maritimes provinces, Quebec, Ontario and the Unites-States of America. Included in the dragon-boat agenda since 2008, the Montreal Challenge has built its good reputation throughout the years on the quality of the racing organisation, the competitive level as well as the festive atmosphere. Come live the experience of an international event gathering teams from every level on the one of a kind Montreal Olympic bassin. The 2019 Montreal Dragon Boat Challenge is part of the Dragon Boat Canada Race Series

In partnership with MCCAF, the Montreal dragon-boat Challenge highlights the cultural contribution brought to dragon-boat by the Chinese culture. Over two days of competition, participants and spectators will be fully immersed in Chinese culture with many performances by artists from China and Montreal. MCCAF 2018


 *-25% discount for junior teams (17 years old and under)

Before May 31st:

  • 20 man :  1050$ + taxes (1207,24$)

AFTER May 31st:

  • 20 man:  1150$ + taxes (1322,21$)




2019 edition, standard boat only (20 man): 

  • Open (Sport)
  • Mixed (Sport & Community)
  • Women (Sport & Community)
  • Seniors (Sport category only)
  • BCS


  • 2x500m (heat and final)
  • 1 x 200m (final, based on 500m heat)
  • 1 x 2000m (final, turns at 500m)

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Site Map

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Accessible by public transport : subway Jean-Drapeau station on the yellow line. There is no shuttle service between the Jean-Drapeau subway station and the competition site (1.1km distance). See google map.

Site Map

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Parc Jean-Drapeau’s parking is paying. Costs are available here.


Sandman Hotel Montreal-Longueuil

Special price for participants. The hotel’s location is one subway station away from the competition site. Comfortable room. Hotel has a pool and a sauna.

For information and to make a reservation:

Yazid Lallami (sales representatives)
450-442-5800 x.2023
450-442-5800 x.2023

Food vendors

  • Café St-Lo
  • Subway
  • MON CHI Cha Bistro (Hong Kong Food)
  • Foguang Shan (Vegetarian food)
  • Jacky (Guangxi food)
  • Commence Silong Inc. (Bubble tea)



 There are medals (26 bronze, 26 silver, 26 gold) for every final ; 500m and 2000m.

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