May 5th 2020


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Given the situation with the pandemic, all Mission Dragon Boat, 22Dragons and H20 Playground events have been cancelled in the first half of the 2020 season. While there is no guarantee that dragon boating can take place in the later part of this year we have nonetheless prepared a provisional schedule in the case the situation improves. This schedule includes the addition of a some new events and postponement of a current one.
Provisional calendar 2020:
*These events will only take place if the various levels of government authorize these types of gatherings. If the events are authorized Mission Dragon Boat will diligently follow all recommended hygiene measures to ensure the safe of participants.ts.
Registrations are open NOW, without payment. Payments only occur if the events take place.

We sincerely hope that these events can take place. As the situation evolves, we will keep you detailed

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Founded in 2012 by Matt Smith, Matt Robert, Christian Moreau and Pierre-Olivier Girard, Mission Dragon Boat’s goal is to create dragon-boat events meeting the highest quality standards. Also present in distribution and retail, Mission Dragon boat supplies the ever-growing demand in equipment from paddler and clubs. We offer quality products with quality service everywhere in Canada and the USA.



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