The sports event would be for you an excellent communication vehicle and a way to diversify your sales strategy?

During our competitions, exhibitors take place around the Olympic Basin and take advantage of these dynamic and festive events to showcase their products.

Concessionaires, sports equipment sellers, craftsmen, or any other activity selling products or services, board with us and book your booth at our dragon boat events.

Every year, loyal companies are present and new ones are added to the list. We are very proud that they want to associate their brand image with our sport but also to give local companies the opportunity to increase their visibility.

So why not you? 




H2o Open: May 30, 2020, about 1500 people.
Montreal Challenge / Chinese Cultural Festival: July 4 and 5, 2020, about 4000 people.
Quebec Cup: September 19 and 20, 2020, about 2000 people.




Our offer includes the rental of a space in the concession area, as close as possible to the boarding area and the teams (see site map).

H2o Open: $400

Montreal Challenge: $950

Quebec Cup: $650

Package 2 events : -10%

Package 3 events : -15%

Please note that you must bring your own equipment to set up your booth (tables, chairs, tents, power bar, extensions, garden hose...). No equipment will be provided by Mission Dragon Boat.


For any other request, please contact us at: