Programmation 2018 festival culturel Chinois

Fondation de la culture et des arts chinois de Montréal.  En partenariat avec MCCAF, le Challenge de bateau dragon de MTL souligne l'apport de la culture Chinoise au bateau-dragon. Lors de ces deux jours de compétitions, les participants et spectateurs auront le loisir de s'immerger dans la culture chinoise avec des performances d'artistes venant de Chine et de Montréal. Site Web de MCCAF

Schedule of Performances by Shandong Opera & Dance Theatre from China

July 7th Programs for 11:30 to 12:30 Opening Ceremony

  1. Dance: Rhyme of Qilu
  2. Wind & Percussion: Blossoming Flowers
  3. Dance: Pretty Opera Girls
  4. Drum ensemble: Bull vs Tiger
  5. Soprano: Great Shandong / Cable Car

July 7th Programs from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm

  1. Dance: Confucian Music Dance
  2. Erhu Solo: Horserace
  3. Dance Solo: Autumn Thoughts
  4. Suona Solo: A Flower

July 7th Programs from 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm

  1. Pipa Solo: New Ambush from All Sides
  2. Solo Dance: Opera Make-Up
  3. Flute Solo: New Song for Herdsman
  4. Suona Solo: Song of Phoenix Sun
  5. Dance: Girls in the Rain

July 7th Programs from 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm

  1. Erhu & Orchestra: Boast Shandong
  2. Solo Dance: Emerald Fox
  3. Sheng Solo: Hanging up Red Lights
  4. Solo Dance: Cradle in the Spring
  5. Soprano: Time to Say Goodbye
  6. Wind & Percussion: Blossoming Flower

Schedule of the Local Chinese Community Performance (First day: 2018-07-07)


Group Dance: Embroidery Girl
Dance solo: Chant of Lotus
Performer: Chinese Culture and Arts Dance Troupe


Soprano Solo: Soldier
Grassland of July Singer: Qian Xu


Cheongsam show: Rain of Jiangnan
Performer Brossard Branch of Montreal Cheongsam Club


Female Solo: I am a Little Bird, Hallelujah
Singer: Sophie Chen


Female Chorus: Sea, Our Homeland, Hawthorn Tree
Performer: Montreal Chinese Arts Troupe


Male Solo: Son of the Son
Singer: Weimin Zhang


Happiness Zumba
Performer: North America Literature


Vocal Quartet: Velvet Flower
Performer: Perfect Chorus


  1. Dance: Love My China
  2. Chorus: Velvet Flower
  3. Chorus: I Love Montreal
    Composed by Yanguo Hong
    Performed by Montreal Chinese Chamber of Commerce Art Troupe


  1. Female Solo: Glory of Asia
    Singer: Hongyu Zhao
  2. The Best Stage Performer: Little Witch Combination
    From The Dream Voice Choir


Montreal Opera Amateurs Club
(Art Director:famous opera actress Lianlian Jing & frofessional actor Yan Lu)

  1. Beijing Opera: Farewell My Concubine
    Excerpt chosen by Li Sun
  2. Beijing Opera: The Drunken Beauty
    Excerpt chosen by Yan Lu


  1. Solo Dance: On the Other Side of the River
    Performer: Ru Zhang
  2. Liuqin Solo: Weishan Lake
    Performer: Fu Hu,Dance: Shumin Pang from Four Sea Arts Troupe


Male Solo: The Yangtze River Flows Eastward
Singer: Baomu Wang

Dance-Fan Dance: Love and Passion
Performer: Montreal Huaxia Arts Troupe

Male & Female Duet: Love of a Boat Tracker

Schedule of the Local Chinese Community Performance (Second day: 2018-07-08)


Dance: Torch Festival
Performer: Quebec National Minority Arts Troupe


Beijing Opera: Muhuguan Performer: Ruoxi Cao


Male Solo: Mom in the Candlelight
Sung by: Maomao

Female Duet: When You’re Old
Sung by: Yiyi & Dandan

Male Solo: My Dear Child
Sung by: Jason

Male Solo: Hello Tomorrow
Sung by: Leo Li

from Han Zhang Voice Studio


Children Chorus: Wild-Goose, Let's paddle together
Performer: Quebec Grace Multicultural Association

Tibetan dance: On the Top of that East Mountain


You Raise Me Up
Singer: Boyang Liu
Chorus: Amier
Performer: Dream Voice Choir


End of the Day