Pointe-Claire Loop: Outrigger-SUP-Kayak-Canoe

29/05/2021 (TO BE CONFIRMED)

Pointe-Claire Loop: Outrigger-SUP-Kayak-Canoe


Posted on February 17, 2021

The 2021 edition of this event remains to be confirmed depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

Spring has finally arrived! What could be better than a small, friendly long-distance competition to start your season of paddle board, outrigger, kayaking, canoeing or other paddle sports. For now, the competition is reserved for individual boats. On the other hand, if the guideline on team sport allows it by the month of May, team boats could be integrated in the programming (Oc-2, Oc-6, K-2, K-4, C-2, C -4).


Registration fees are non-transferable. One entry per division. If you want to participate in SUP and Outrigger races, you must register twice.

Boats / Boards, two options available:

  • Use your own Outrigger (OC-1) or your own board
  • Use the Outrigger (OC-1) and boards provided by Mission
  • The option to rent K-1 and C-1 is not available.


2021 Registration FEE:

  • 5km: $ 45 without board / boat rental
  • 5km: $ 65 with board / boat rental
  • 10km: $ 45 without board / boat rental
  • 10km: $ 65 with board / boat rental
  • 20% discount for under 24

Registrations will be open by mid-April.

Leave us your email and we will contact you as soon as registration is open!


For the event, the following classifications will be used (men and women):

  • General
  • U-24: 24 years old and under
  • Senior A: 40 to 49 years old
  • Senior B: 50 to 59 years old
  • Senior C: 60 years and over

During the event: All age groups participate in the races simultaneously.

From the general classification, a second classification by age category will be made.


For each division, there will be a Men’s and Women’s category.

  • Outrigger: OC-1
  • SUP
  • Canoe & Kayak : K-1 et C-1
  • Surfski, prone, long-distance canoe


The number of races per distance will be determined according to the registrations.

Race distances for 2021:

Pointe-Claire Loop: Outrigger-SUP-Kayak-Canoë

* possibility of adding a 5km race in the afternoon depending on the number of registrations.


Spring loop: Outrigger-SUP-Kayak-Canoe
  • Direction Directions

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