SPRINT: Oc1 – SUP – K1 – C1

19/09/2020 (Confirmed)

SPRINT: Oc1 – SUP – K1 – C1

Montreal, parc Jean Drapeau

Posted on August 26th 2020.

** We have received approval from the City of Montreal and the Parc Jean Drapeau administration for the event.

**Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the event may be cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. Mission dragon boat guarantees to put in place all the necessary hygiene measures to ensure the safety of the participants.

*** Registrations are open NOW, without payment. Payment of registration fees will be made one week before the event. In the event that the race is canceled, payments will be refunded.

Boats / Boards: Two options are available :


  • Use your own Outrigger (OC-1) or your own board (Registration fee $ 25 plus tax)
  • Use the Outrigger (OC-1) and boards provided by Mission (Registration fee $ 35 plus tax)

The rental option of K-1 and C-1 is not available. The registration fee for the canoe-kayak division is $ 25 plus taxes.


Registration fees are non-transferable. One entry per division. If you want to participate in SUP and Outrigger races, you must register twice.

Registration deadline: September 16, 4 p.m.

  • $18 + taxes per pers  (20,70$) for under 18 years old
  • $25 + taxes per pers ($28.74).
  • $35 + taxes per pers with Oc-1 or SUP rental ($40, 24)

Last minute registration available: email us at info@missiondragonboat.com


Individual boats only for the 2020 edition. Crew boats will be on the schedule in 2021. For each division, there will be a Men’s and Women’s category.

  • Outrigger: OC-1
  • SUP
  • Canoe & Kayak : K-1 et C-1


  • U-12 (Canoe-Kayak only)
  • U-14 (Canoe-Kayak only)
  • U-16 (Canoe-Kayak only)
  • U-18 (Canoe-Kayak only)
  • Open (Canoe-Kayak only)
  • U24
  • Premier
  • Senior A: 40 – 49 years old
  • Senior B: 50 – 59 years old
  • Senior C: 60 years old and over



The number of races per distance will be determined according to the registrations.

  • 3 x 200m (heat, semi-final, final)
  • 1 x 5km (with turns)



Parc Jean-Drapeau’s parking is paying. Costs are available here.


Accessible by public transport : subway Jean-Drapeau station on the yellow line. There is no shuttle service between the Jean-Drapeau subway station and the competition site (1.1km distance). See google map.

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